Male Masturbator Moto Bator X

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Pipedream´s PDX Elite Moto Bator Pushing Male Masturbator elevates masturbation to the max with a powerful piston for the ultimate experience. It is a perfect storm of sensations that you can customize according to your mood. The ultra powerful motor provides 5 deep and enjoyable thrust modes. Features a soft, stretchy removable sleeve lined with row upon row of stimulating stretch marks. Moto Bator X heats up to body temperature.
Regular masturbation strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and helps prevent erectile dysfunction. Edging, the practice of deliberately delaying orgasm, can build sexual stamina and can help with erectile dysfunction by stimulating healthy blood flow to the penis.
To turn on, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. Pressing the T will toggle between the 5 push modes, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off. It is rechargeable by USB and has been manufactured with safe materials for the body.
5 push modes
Includes 3 penis rings: 1 inch, 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch sizes